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Often when an employee transitions from group health onto Medicare it can be overwhelming at times. A wrong choice with healthcare can be very costly. Let Senior Services of North America provide you unbiased information to find a comprehensive, affordable and suitable health plan for your retirees. We make it simple!

Commonly asked questions: 
  • What plan will be suitable for my needs?
  • How do I reduce prescription costs?
  • How do I transition from group health onto Medicare?

Ask about our complimentary Medicare Health Option review.
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Social Security often is a major part of a retirees financial well-being. With so many rules and restrictions, it is crucial to have an understanding of which filing strategy will optimize your monthly benefits. Get the most of your Social Security benefits so you can have peace of mind during retirement. Let Senior Services of North America be your resource.

Commonly asked questions: 
  • How do I optimize my monthly benefits?
  • When should I enroll for benefits?
  • Will Social Security be enough for retirement?

Ask about our complimentary "Roadmap Review" which will compare different filing strategies. 
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Medicare can be confusing, WE make it simple!

Social Security can be confusing, WE make it simple!
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